Monday, December 10, 2012

Backstage - Segments on Body Image & Overcoming Obstacles. Photos by Candice Gissel

Host- Sunday Omony on , '' The Sunday Omony Show . '' Preparing for her next guest.

Guest and Crew backstage: Mwabeni Indire , Dave Boddy, Brittnee B, Janel Royal, Nyabuoy Gatbel, Adora Nwofor, Akwal Jal, Atheo Atak, Sunday Omony and Trina. 

The Sunday Omony Crew - Dave Boddy, Host- Sunday Omony, Candice Gissel  ( Photographer )  and  Mwabeni Indire  ( Camera-Man ). 

Brittnee B , Janel Royal and Sunday Omony. 

Gorgeous plus size models - Brittnee B and Janel Royal posing for the cameras. 

Adora Nwofor helped out with makeup and fashion for the guest .

Brittnee B a plus model discussed issues surrounding plus models in the industry and as well as personal problems associated with being plus size.  Interviewed by Sunday Omony on the set of , '' The Sunday Omony Show. '' 

Trina who also appeared on the '' Oprah Winfrey Show . '' Because of her company and her amazing weight lost story. Also appeared on the , '' The Sunday Omony Show. '' discussing body image.
Adora Nwofor by her side. 

Janel Royal , Adora Nwofor ( Touching up Sunday's Omony makeup before she enters the set  ) and Sunday Omony sitting in the makeup chair getting touched up. 

Brittnee B, Janel Royal and Sunday Omony.

Janel Royal and Brittnee B. 


Janel Royal backstage taking pictures. 

Atheo Atak  discussed her issues regarding her diagnosis ( Kidney Failure)  and overcoming personal obstacles. , Adora Nwofor ( Touched up guests makeup and wardrobe)  and Akwal Jal also discussed her illness ( Tuberculosis)  and also how she overcame her personal struggles

Plus Size Model - Janel Royal on the set discussed issues regarding her  body image .

Model -  Nyabuoy Gatbel and Sunday Omony posing for the cameras. 

Model - Nyabuoy Gatbel discussed about racism in Canada and how she felt being a refugee .  The host/Interviewer Sunday Omony  on the right. 

Plus Size Model - Brittnee B discussed issues regarding her body image in the industry  and personal life .  The Host/Interviewer- Sunday Omony sitting on the right. 

Brittnee B and Akwal Jal backstage . 

Akwal Jal discussed her struggle with her illness and overcoming her own personal obstacles.
The Host /Interviewer Sunday Omony on the right.

The Show airs on SHAW TV Calgary on Channel 10. 
Segments will be posted online for everyone to view and share.

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